Purple Rain

Rich jewel hues are all the rage for Autumn/Winter 2012. I absolutely love the colour purple and this autumn the shops will be filled with dresses, shoes, bags etc in this beautiful colour. “From the satiny rich silhouette of Armani Priveto power-hungry retro prints of Prada, purple has suddenly gone from being one of many elegant cocktail colours to the colour of collections,” says Latha Sunadh, stylist and editor of a fashion portal.

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Like mother like daughter?

Lila Grace is the daughter of one of the world’s most iconic models and os often surrounded by the industry’s most well known faces so it was rather inevitable that Lila wants to follow in the footsteps of her model mother. Nine year old Lila had her first taste of modelling last year when she posed for her mother’s wedding to Jamie Hince and she certainly seemed to be a natural (despite a little airbrushing accident – which saw several fingers ‘chopped off’).

Lila isn’t the only young member of the Moss family that has already had a taste of the modelling world. Kate’s 14 year old half sister, Lottie, is also set to join the fashion world after catching the attention of Storm Models – the agency that discovered Kate – when she was one of her elder sister’s 15 bridesmaids.

Is there room for three Mosses on the pages of the glossy magazine?l

Since when does being fashionable mean being a sheep?

In every single fashion magazine they tell women was is classed as ‘fashionable’ and what isn’t. It seems that these fashion designers have the power to tell people what they should be wearing and how to wear it etc. Often what people wear can often mean they are labelled as something. For example ‘hipster’, ‘goth’, ‘preppy’ etc. Nowadays it seems that what people wear defines what they are to other people.

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Looks like 15 minutes of fame no longer exsists

Celebrities nowadays are not just famous for one thing. They often branch into other ways of making money. Seems they aren’t satisfied with just having their 15 minutes of fame. There are hundreds of celebrity autobiographies, celebrity fragrances, children’s books etc. Nowadays no business is safe from the claws of a celebrity. The only reason most of it sells is because its got a celebrities’ name on it. It seems that every single celebrity these days has a fragrance that they have bad. It’s almost as if you don’t become a proper celebrity until you have released a fragrance. Even now celebrities are still jumping on this bandwagon with Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez.

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Let the fur fly

The issue of using real animal in fashion has been a debate that has been going on for years now with people arguing for and against it. It seemed that the fashion industry were giving up on using real fur up until quiet recently when it started to creep back onto the catwalk and into the wardrobes of celebrities. Not so long ago if a supermodel was asked to wear a fur garment she would refuse. Even faux fur sometimes has been slammed as some people see the idea of faux fur as promoting the idea that wearing real fur is the same.

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Size zero…is thin really in?

The size zero debate has been going on for many years. It seems that every week in magazines there are stories about celebrities losing weight, gaining weight, the weird diets that celebrities are on, those who have cellulite and those who we would perceive as normal. Although everyone thinks that size zero models are dangerously thin and they look unhealthy they are still paraded down the catwalk in the designer creations. In a glossy magazine it is very unlikely to see a ‘normal’ woman wearing some of the designer creations. All the women are waif-like and often look very gaunt. It is almost as if the designers do not treat the models like real people but coat hangers for their designs. Most of these designs are outrageous and they often are not seen on any normal person

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