Benedict has a point…

Matthew Horwood / / Via

Matthew Horwood / / Via

So the third series of Sherlock has recently begun filming – if you have never watched Sherlock please do so! – and the main actor Benedict Cumberbatch decided to give the paparazzi a subtle message as he left his trailer.

This photo puts the job of the paparazzi into perspective somewhat. Every single day we can not look in a newspaper or look online and not see photos of celebrities doing the most mundane of things and then somehow this becomes news. How is Victoria Beckham eating a burger somehow a newsworthy piece of information? The answer? It’s not. It isn’t like all these paparazzi turn up, get the pictures they want and then leave. These people will easily sit around for hours and hours trying to get a photo of a certain celebrity and often a lot of the photos that are taken aren’t used in the article.

Is it just me who finds seeing other people’s holiday photos boring? No? Just me then….

It seems that paparazzi are obsessed with snapping photos of various celebrities in various sunny foreign places and somehow them being on holiday is something that the general public needs to be made aware of. If the photos are of a female celebrity in a bikini usually the headline will make some reference to her body shape – another thing that paparazzi are obsessed with – and either criticizing it or praising it. Another place you are guranteed to find the strange creature that is paparazzi is an airport. If a celebrity is jetting into any airport there will be a barrage of paparazzi ready and waiting to shove cameras in their face. They are human beings as well, some people need to learn to respect personal space

In my opinion Benedict has got it completely right. The majority of photographs that the paparazzi take is of celebrities and somehow turn them into newsworthy stories; whereas as other subjects don’t even get half the coverage that they deserve

Shame on you paparazzi

Shame on you


It’s ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother time…

It’s that time of the year again! No not Christmas but Celebrity Big Brother stumbled back onto our screens on Wednesday. Everyone from soap stars Julie Goodyear and Cheryl Fergison, to Page 3 model Rhian Sugden and Jasmine Lennard, Olympic athlete Ashley McKenzie, rapper MC Harvey and even a prince made the cut this year.

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Jessica Simpson gives birth to a maternity line

Jessica Simpson is planning to expand her fashion range by producing a maternity line. After having recently given birth to her first child – a daughter called Maxwell Drew. She is a pop singer turned entrepuner who assumes just because she is celebrity that she can just become a fashion designer easily. The line will be called Jessica Simpson for Destination Maternity.

The range – unlike many celebrity ranges – is actually decently priced. The prices range form $36 to $63. The range will hit 700 US stores in a few months. Simpson is also cashing in on her pregnancy in other ways aswell. She is in talks with WeightWatchers regarding a multimillion pound deal to be paid for losing her baby weight. I’m sure any woman would like to have that oppurtunity but alas us mere mortals will never have the chance to. She is also reported to be selling the first pictures of her daughter to People magazine for £800,000 dollars. I don’t see why so many celebrities try and cash in on their births so quickly. Surely it’s more important to be looking after your newborn child and not put it infront of a camera for an extorniate amount of money. Doing this often means that the paparazzi are constantly following them and most newspapers post pointless articles which talk about how the celebrities were out with their babies. It’s not news! Nobody cares if Peaches Geldof shows off her newborn son. It gets very boring extremely quickly

Normal names aren’t good enough for celebrities anymore

Nowadays a celebrity can’t seem to pick a normal name for their baby. Their offspring are often stars before they are even born. Jessica Simpson has recently given birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson. The name Maxwell is usually associated with being a boy’s name. Beyonce also recently gave birth to a baby girl called Blue Ivy. Seems that celebrities can’t just call their children Lucy or Ben. Instead they have to name them something that will make them stand out.

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Looks like 15 minutes of fame no longer exsists

Celebrities nowadays are not just famous for one thing. They often branch into other ways of making money. Seems they aren’t satisfied with just having their 15 minutes of fame. There are hundreds of celebrity autobiographies, celebrity fragrances, children’s books etc. Nowadays no business is safe from the claws of a celebrity. The only reason most of it sells is because its got a celebrities’ name on it. It seems that every single celebrity these days has a fragrance that they have bad. It’s almost as if you don’t become a proper celebrity until you have released a fragrance. Even now celebrities are still jumping on this bandwagon with Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez.

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Seems like most celebrity mothers are made of elastic now

With Una Healy being the latest to join the crew of celebrity mums it seems that these mothers seems to be made of elastic. She joins the likes of Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie who pinged right back into shape after giving birth. This doesn’t help us ‘normal’ people who decide to have children. We are surrounded by images in glossy magazines of women who ‘glow’ and ‘blossom’ throughout their pregnancy. The mum has barely given birth and the mother is out and about not giving any signs – apart from the baby – that they were even pregnant.

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Let the fur fly

The issue of using real animal in fashion has been a debate that has been going on for years now with people arguing for and against it. It seemed that the fashion industry were giving up on using real fur up until quiet recently when it started to creep back onto the catwalk and into the wardrobes of celebrities. Not so long ago if a supermodel was asked to wear a fur garment she would refuse. Even faux fur sometimes has been slammed as some people see the idea of faux fur as promoting the idea that wearing real fur is the same.

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