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After recently finishing my dissertation on body image and how advertising can affect women’s perception of body image I decided to look into how social media can affect it. Typing the words size zero into tumblr made me die in a little inside admittedly. Myself being 5’3 and a size 8, people often assume I barely eat (this isn’t true at all!). Anyway, recently social media has introduced a ban on such words as ‘pro ana’ and ‘thin spo’. Even though these social media sites have vowed to stop the promotion of ‘thinspo’ no amount of monitoring will completely eliminate social media’s ability to glorify the idea of the ‘thin ideal’.

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It’s Satchel Time!

Yes I know my last post was about the new Cambridge Satchel collection but this one is about my brand new Cambridge Satchel. I returned to university the day after I wrote my last post and when I got to my house a package was waiting for me and inside was my beautiful 11″ Cambridge Satchel.

Just to prove it’s real leather

It has taken some getting used to having to undo and redo the buckles every time I wanted to get something out of it but it’s worth it! When you look it you can just see the amazing craftsmanship that goes into making one of these bags and also the smell of genuine leather. Due to it being the 11″ you can’t fit too much in it but I only use it if I’m going to a viewing or if I’m just browsing town. The leather is very stiff so at least I know it will keep it’s shape over time.

Oh one thing I would advise is that you go and buy leather protector when it arrives because I have seen people moaning about watermarks on theirs from the rain. If you buy leather protector and spray your bag this won’t happen. There are several places you can buy these satchels from but I got mine directly from The Cambridge Satchel Company website and it was only £74. Best ever £74 spent in my opinion!



Shades of deep red dominated the runways of Autumn/Winter.  Burgundy. Also known as Maroon, Oxblood, Port, etc. this color is everywhere right now and designers are offering up some hot pieces in various shades of the hue. These warm shades are a nice transition from the summer colours without having to make the drastic change to black.

It is an easy colour to wear and can be worn day or night. There is such a large amount of burgundy  for the fall 2012 season out there, it is important to not go overboard and tonal with burgundy. Burgundy should be one piece of an ensemble for the fall season. Even though burgundy is a very easy to colour to wear there are some things to consider when deciding what shade is suitable for you. If you are fair skinned then stay away from almost-black reds all they will suck all the colour out of you and make you look extremely pale. You can pretty much wear it in the same way you would wear black – another big autumn trend. A little burgundy dress worn with black accessories is just as elegant as the classic little black dress. You can also try teaming dark red with tan accessories which will give you a more casual look, perfect for getting claret into your look now and taking it through to winter.

I’m not normally one to jump on the band wagon and follow fashion trends but I’ve gotta say I really like this colour trend. It’s a versatile colour and everyone can wear it –  which is always a bonus!

Bit of advice for high street stores

Ever walked into a store, found something really nice and found that they don’t do it in your size? I bet many people have. Most high street stores are guilty of not stocking clothing in sizes above a 16. With the average size woman being a size 14 there aren’t many choices on the high street for the larger lady. The only high street store that solely caters to the larger figure is Evans.

There are no store on the high street that covers all three of these areas. TopShop, Dorothy Perkins and Wallis all have a petite range but no plus size range. New Look does have a plus size range but the only other clothes available are in standard sizes. Sometimes the main ranges do fit me but if there is a petite range then I will often check that out first. There are few online sites that stock both petite and plus size clothing alongside the main range. The only two that I know of is ASOS and Forever21 and considering how many online stores there are that isn’t exactly brilliant.

TopShop only stock up a size 16. I mean I get that the store stocks very on trend and fashionable clothes but larger women do want to look fashionable aswell. Another thing that annoys me is that I find something nice in the main range, it doesn’t fit so I try and see if they have a petite version and they don’t! Only a few pieces are in both the main and petite ranges. Most shops are actually alienating many women by not stocking clothes above a size 16. Just because they are curvy doesn’t mean they don’t want to look nice. I guess most high street stores just cater to smaller women and forget the ladies who above the average size. Debenhams is actually the only store in the high street that actually stocks petite and plus size clothing so kudos to Debenhams.

I don’t see what so bad about what is so bad about most high street stores stocking more petite and plus size ranges. These women do exsist but many popular high street stores don’t seem to acknowledge this

Victoria’s Secret hits the UK

Last week the American underwear brand Victoria’s Secret hit the UK as it opened it’s first store in Westfields Stratford. There will be no huge opening ceremony with oodles of celebs are press coverage. That priveledge is being reserved for the opening of the second UK store in New Bond Street which will happen in the next few weeks. At this opening the bells and whistles will all be firmly attached and also the famous Victoria Secret ‘Angels’ will be there. The entrance of this all-American woman wonderland will hopefully bring a breath of fresh air to the British lingerie industry

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Reclaim To Wear makes recycling old clothes cool

Remember when recycling your old clothes meant getting other family members hand-me-downs? Well that horror has been made a distant memory in the form of Reclaim To Wear. Don’t have any idea what it is? Well let me inform you about the concept. It takes the idea of reworking surplus material from the production of other clothing into something completly different and edgy.

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Jessica Simpson gives birth to a maternity line

Jessica Simpson is planning to expand her fashion range by producing a maternity line. After having recently given birth to her first child – a daughter called Maxwell Drew. She is a pop singer turned entrepuner who assumes just because she is celebrity that she can just become a fashion designer easily. The line will be called Jessica Simpson for Destination Maternity.

The range – unlike many celebrity ranges – is actually decently priced. The prices range form $36 to $63. The range will hit 700 US stores in a few months. Simpson is also cashing in on her pregnancy in other ways aswell. She is in talks with WeightWatchers regarding a multimillion pound deal to be paid for losing her baby weight. I’m sure any woman would like to have that oppurtunity but alas us mere mortals will never have the chance to. She is also reported to be selling the first pictures of her daughter to People magazine for £800,000 dollars. I don’t see why so many celebrities try and cash in on their births so quickly. Surely it’s more important to be looking after your newborn child and not put it infront of a camera for an extorniate amount of money. Doing this often means that the paparazzi are constantly following them and most newspapers post pointless articles which talk about how the celebrities were out with their babies. It’s not news! Nobody cares if Peaches Geldof shows off her newborn son. It gets very boring extremely quickly