Must be duck shooting season

You have probably seen loads of these girls on Facebook posing and making themselves look slightly deformed. The “Duck Face” is also known as the “MySpace face”. It is an expression that is made by the girl pressing her lips together in the shape of a duck bill. It is seen on mostly teenage girls.

The duckface trend started to appear once social networking site became popular. The launch of MySpace in 2003 meant that these photos were often the common photo used on many girls MySpace photo. In 2006 UrbanDictionary posted the first definition of the duckface:

How to Create the “Perfect” Duckface

  1. Attempt to pout.
  2. Make an unattractive kissy face.
  3. Make peace sign (optional).
  4. For best results, go to a bathroom mirror.
  5. Take picture.
  6. Congrats! You’re a duckface

I don’t see why girls think this face is attractive. It is the complete opposite. It makes you look absolutely stupid and for some reason these girls don’t see it. Guys aren’t going to think you are attractive if in nearly all your photos you are doing that ridiculous duck face. Are you unable to smile for once?


Seems like beauty is skin deep these days

Nowadays girls want to look older than they are. To be honest I don’t see why. Courtney Stodden is a prime example. She hit the headlines when the then 16-year-old marries 51-year-old Doug Hutchinson who is an actor. Even though it technically illegal her mother gave her consent for the two to be married. Who would want their 16-year-old to be married to someone who is 35 years older than her? That’s just creepy. So many young teenage girls these days are pressured into looking older than they are. One of the things to blame is the teen celebs that look a lot older than they are because of the way they dress, Kylie and Kendall Jenner for example.

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Money can’t buy you likes

So recently Facebook has rolled out a promotion where you can pay to ensure that your posts will be seen by your Facebook friends. Since it’s launch in 2004 there have been many rumours that Facebook will soon become a pay-only site however nothing ever came of said rumours. This latest money-making scheme comes very soon after the controversy that the value of Facebook was decreasing. This rumour however has become the truth.

There is now an official video on the social networking site telling users how the service works. Whenever you post on Facebook it is often lost in the amount of status updates that are on people’s newsfeeds. These posts are often only restricted to people that you are friends with. The pay to post service is aimed at businesses who want to promote their business more. The costs range from $5 to ensure 700 see a post to $20 to reach 2,200 people although the pricing could change. You either choose for the post to be seen be everybody or to be seen by certain people. For example if it was a local cafe using the pay to post service then they could choose to only promote to their local customers.

I’m not very convinced by this whole ‘pay to post’ idea. All it is is a ploy to get more people to ‘like’ your business. Just because you have x amounts of ‘likes’ on your business’ Facebook page doesn’t mean anything. What matters is how well your business is actually doing in real life and not how popular it is in cyber space. Tumblr also has a similar idea with the whole pay to post idea where you can $1 to highlight your post. This again the same problem with it getting lost under the whole tirrade of people posting other stuff on the various social networking sites. My prediction is that Zuckerburg will soon roll it out to normal Facebook users and there will be uproar about it. Here’s a tip Mark: don’t fix what isn’t broken

Pinterest has lost all interest

Following in the footsteps of Instagram came Pinterest. It is a pinboard style photo-sharing website that enables users to create photo collections and share them with other users. Users are able to browse through other pinboards, ‘re pin’ images onto their pinboards and also like images. Pinterest allows it users to share their ‘pins’ via Twitter and Facebook. There is also a Pinterest mobile app launched in September 2011 and there is also currently a Pinterest iPhone app in development.

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Apparently everyone is a photographer now

What I am referring to is of course the new fangled app Instagram which allows users of iPhones (and now also Android phones) to upload their photos onto Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr with a cool effect on them. Original? I think not. One of the ways that it appeals to iPhone and Android users is the fact that it is free and people love getting stuff for free. Even though it was initially launched in 2010 it seems to have become a lot more popular and well-known since Facebook bought it recently. Their purchase of Instagram comes just a week after it was launched on Android. It seems to be that Mark Zuckerburg wants to turn Facebook from a social networking site into an ‘umbrella’ company. Facebook already own MySpace and now they own Instagram

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The Ups and Down of social networking

OK, so you’re probably thinking it’s a tad hypocritical of me to be giving my opinion on social networking when I have a Tumblr, Polyvore and Facebook. As much as I love social networking there are pros and cons of it as there are with anything. Many people spend hours on these social networking sites uploading photos, updating statuses, talking to people and creating connections. Social networking has been around for the past 10 years or so. Before that if we wanted to speak to them we had to ring them or even send them a letter!

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