REC 3 Review (2012)

Horror films tend to rely on the unknown that scares on. The closer we get to the monster and the more times we see it it frightens us less and less. This is what most horror franchises revolve around the defeating the monster at the end and then he comes back from the dead in the next film – Friday 13th series is a perfect example. I guess you could compare some horror franchises to comfort food, to you they are familiar and have no way of scaring you. Continue reading


Why not all sequels are bad

Not all sequels are bad. It depends what kind of film we are talking about. Most of the horror sequels are just a quick way for the maker of films to get money and they already have a built in audience. People will go to see a sequel of film just because they have seen the first one and want to continue on the experience. Showing these sequels is not only a way of the film makers to make more money but the cinemas to make money especially if it’s in 3D.

The horror film seems to be the worst offender when it comes to really bad sequels. There are so many bad sequels I can’t name them all but here are a few of the worst offenders:

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