Skinny Minnie


Source: Tumblr


After recently finishing my dissertation on body image and how advertising can affect women’s perception of body image I decided to look into how social media can affect it. Typing the words size zero into tumblr made me die in a little inside admittedly. Myself being 5’3 and a size 8, people often assume I barely eat (this isn’t true at all!). Anyway, recently social media has introduced a ban on such words as ‘pro ana’ and ‘thin spo’. Even though these social media sites have vowed to stop the promotion of ‘thinspo’ no amount of monitoring will completely eliminate social media’s ability to glorify the idea of the ‘thin ideal’.

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Like mother like daughter?

Lila Grace is the daughter of one of the world’s most iconic models and os often surrounded by the industry’s most well known faces so it was rather inevitable that Lila wants to follow in the footsteps of her model mother. Nine year old Lila had her first taste of modelling last year when she posed for her mother’s wedding to Jamie Hince and she certainly seemed to be a natural (despite a little airbrushing accident – which saw several fingers ‘chopped off’).

Lila isn’t the only young member of the Moss family that has already had a taste of the modelling world. Kate’s 14 year old half sister, Lottie, is also set to join the fashion world after catching the attention of Storm Models – the agency that discovered Kate – when she was one of her elder sister’s 15 bridesmaids.

Is there room for three Mosses on the pages of the glossy magazine?l