Kardashians to launch fashion line at Dorothy Perkins

You have watched the television show, kept up with all their family drama and wondered if Kim’s relationship with rapper Kanybe West is the real deal. Now (if you really want to) you can dress like Kim, Khloe and Kim as well.

The Los Angeles based trio found fame with their reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians have just announced that their fashion label Kardashian Kollection will be going across the pond to the U.K. To establish themseleves in the UK they are teaming up thr high street brand Dorothy Perkins to design their range for DP.

The clothing range in the US is sold in Sears and for a celebrity range it is actually decently priced for once. The range comprises of bikini tops, miniskirts, accessories, shoes etc.

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Let the fur fly

The issue of using real animal in fashion has been a debate that has been going on for years now with people arguing for and against it. It seemed that the fashion industry were giving up on using real fur up until quiet recently when it started to creep back onto the catwalk and into the wardrobes of celebrities. Not so long ago if a supermodel was asked to wear a fur garment she would refuse. Even faux fur sometimes has been slammed as some people see the idea of faux fur as promoting the idea that wearing real fur is the same.

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And what EXACTLY are most celebrities famous for….

Nicole Richie. Paris Hilton. Kim Kardashian. Brody Jenner. Kevin Federline. The one thing that these 5 people have in common is that they are famous for…being famous. It’s not like they are a famous actress or a film director or actually have done something worthwhile to give them a ‘celebrity’ status. Paris Hilton is famous for being the heir to the Hilton hotel chain oh and also for having a sex tape. She is often seen in the VIP area of clubs, yet she is there just because of her last name.

The only reason most celebrities are famous is because they dated someone who was more famous than them or they starred in some reality tv show. It seems that if you star in any reality tv show, Big Brother, America’s Next Top Model, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent etc that you immediately become a star even if you didn’t do much. Most newspapers refer to these people as ‘stars’ when all they did was have a camera follow them around for a bit. If that classes you as a star then loads of people on YouTube should be considered ‘stars’. It seems that many of these celebrities either leech off someone’s else celebrity status or they are famous for their last name.

It seems that most celebrities nowadays are now turning to other branches of work other than being famous for being famous. They often write autobiographies and a lot of them produce fragrances. They then call themselves businessmen and women. Just because they released one book they are automatically referred to as a celebrity-turned-author? The minds of many celebrities are warped. it seems that papers would rather run a story about a celebrity on holiday in a sunny place or them falling out a club than run an important story. Then again they say any publicity is good publicity. Once people read the story they start talking about it and once they start talking about it the story spreads.

It seems that the people of this world that genuinely do hard work and make an impact on this world are not given ‘celebrity’ status but many people who are famous purely for being famous are. What a shame