Skinny Minnie


Source: Tumblr


After recently finishing my dissertation on body image and how advertising can affect women’s perception of body image I decided to look into how social media can affect it. Typing the words size zero into tumblr made me die in a little inside admittedly. Myself being 5’3 and a size 8, people often assume I barely eat (this isn’t true at all!). Anyway, recently social media has introduced a ban on such words as ‘pro ana’ and ‘thin spo’. Even though these social media sites have vowed to stop the promotion of ‘thinspo’ no amount of monitoring will completely eliminate social media’s ability to glorify the idea of the ‘thin ideal’.

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Finding the perfect fit

Retail therapy to most women is heaven. Trying on pretty clothes and admiring yourself in the mirror. Is there a downside to such heaven? Ah yes unfortunately there is. That downside is finding a bra that actually fits properly. How many of you have gone into the lingerie fitting rooms with many bras that are labelled your size only to come to find out that many of them do not fit and often find just one or sometimes none that fit?

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Size zero…is thin really in?

The size zero debate has been going on for many years. It seems that every week in magazines there are stories about celebrities losing weight, gaining weight, the weird diets that celebrities are on, those who have cellulite and those who we would perceive as normal. Although everyone thinks that size zero models are dangerously thin and they look unhealthy they are still paraded down the catwalk in the designer creations. In a glossy magazine it is very unlikely to see a ‘normal’ woman wearing some of the designer creations. All the women are waif-like and often look very gaunt. It is almost as if the designers do not treat the models like real people but coat hangers for their designs. Most of these designs are outrageous and they often are not seen on any normal person

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