It’s Satchel Time!

Yes I know my last post was about the new Cambridge Satchel collection but this one is about my brand new Cambridge Satchel. I returned to university the day after I wrote my last post and when I got to my house a package was waiting for me and inside was my beautiful 11″ Cambridge Satchel.

Just to prove it’s real leather

It has taken some getting used to having to undo and redo the buckles every time I wanted to get something out of it but it’s worth it! When you look it you can just see the amazing craftsmanship that goes into making one of these bags and also the smell of genuine leather. Due to it being the 11″ you can’t fit too much in it but I only use it if I’m going to a viewing or if I’m just browsing town. The leather is very stiff so at least I know it will keep it’s shape over time.

Oh one thing I would advise is that you go and buy leather protector when it arrives because I have seen people moaning about watermarks on theirs from the rain. If you buy leather protector and spray your bag this won’t happen. There are several places you can buy these satchels from but I got mine directly from The Cambridge Satchel Company website and it was only £74. Best ever £74 spent in my opinion!


There’s no room in Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth University student halls are bursting at the seams. They have taken in more students than they can accomodate for. Their solution? Put in bunk beds into some of rooms. This not only rises the amount of people in each flat/house but it also raises the amount of money the University is getting. It’s ridiculous. The bunk rooms aren’t like the twin rooms. Twin rooms have two of everything whereas the bunk rooms don’t. A bunk room only has one desk and one wardrobe. Also the fact that you won’t know who you are living with til you get there is a bit nerve-racking because if you get a  bad roommate then your first year of uni won’t be as enjoyable.

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