My New Love

Not many British companies have had the global success in recent years that the Cambridge Satchel Company has. I only recently stumbled across this cimpany after searching for a good quality leather satchel. I strongly believe that their success is down to timing. They released their classic leather satchel when the rather expensive, heavily embellished ‘it’ bags were coming off the boil.

The brains behind The Cambridge Satchel company Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas which they set up in 2008. Initially the only colours that you could get the famous satchel in were black and brown. This is rather different to the range of colours and also collections that are available now. They also come in a range of sizes to suit everyone’s needs:

  • 11″ – The smallest satchel that they make. It is ideal to use for those few essential items
  • 13″ – Ideal for everyday at the office
  • 14″ – This is a versatile satchel to suit most purposes, holds A4 paper along with other necessary items
  • 15″ – Holds similar amount to the 14″. This is ideal for students as you can fit things like folders etc in it

The company has now channelled the recent trend of pastel colours by producing a limited edition range of pastel coloured satchels that are right on trend for this summer.

With their rangle of colours and designs there is a satchel out there to suit everyone


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